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Play to Learn

As children we learn to play, and play to learn. At some point growing up we forget to play or start seeing it was a waste of time. However playful exploration, repetition and fun are the best way to learn a new skill or practice an old one.


Plugging a bass guitar into Rocksmith and dialing up a Pixies track beats rigid classical music training if you only want to play for pleasure. I fiddled in orchestras throughout school, but nothing can match the feeling of rocking out on headphones.


The first time I’ve got into a habit of a daily language practice is with the Duolingo app. I try and feed the owl every day, with lessons that mix reading, writing and speaking practice. They’re a great length to fit into a short break at work and I have some of my Feedly news feed set to French sources.

Mind & Body

For mindfulness without the woos I’m taking a free course from Smiling Mind, or dialing up Buddhify guided meditations based on location.  The Yoga Studio app provides a wide range of time or focus based sessions from Sun Salutations to stretches for runners or cyclists.

Company of Players

It’s been almost a year since I published this ebook, which I wrote as a framework for growing my own business.

So has dancing at work, worked for me? Well, my business has tripled in size, in terms of clients, contractors and turnover. It’s all satisfying, meaningful work that is fun to do, and I’m really enjoying growing a creative team or a company of players as I’m calling it.

I’ve had some great book reviews, and sales are slow, but steady with requests for a print version from design schools, and an audio versions from artists.

That’s going to be my focus for the next few months along with kicking off some Live to Air Hangouts . Sign up to the mailing list if you are interesting in joining.

“Ahead of her time, Helen Baxter is setting the scene of what’s happening now and soon to come for working in the 21st century. A comfort to those on the fringes of traditional work today and an ideal resource for modern learning educators.”
Meg Melvin

“As someone new to the world of freelancing I found Dance at Work to be a powerful resource. Helen Baxter provides valuable, relevant information on how to best manage every facet of small business from creative publishing tools to invoicing options. This book is a must have for anyone struggling to balance paperwork with creativity.”
Jessica L Weichler

Dance at work:

Image –  ‘Grow’ CC_BY Caleb Roenigk