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Published September 2014

‘We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.’ Friedrich Nietzsche

Keep Calm and Dance at WorkDance at Work: the creative business toolkit by Helen Baxter, is a modern professional practice guide for designers, writers, musicians, makers, creative and social entrepreneurs.

Whether you are taking the first steps along your pathway, looking to grow or go global, this ebook is full of ways to create, collaborate and sell your work.

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Dance at Work is divided into seven chapters, with curated collections of tools and bite-sized chunks of knowledge that you can skim or dip into.

Learn why no more jobs is a golden opportunity for freelance contractors, how to manage projects on the cloud and work with international teams. Understand why freelancers need to think like start-up enterprises, and how strategy is essential to build a life you can retire to.

Find out what you can learn about elementary business from Sherlock Holmes and how to harness the power of your Subconscious Superhero. Discover how doodles and daydreams help us think, and the real secret to success, that negative thinking gets positive results.

Get a Medieval work ethic and stop digital-age spread by switching to a standup desk. Design your perfect creative space and learn how to pay infotention to be more productive.

Dance at Work celebrates the end of sitting and clicking in cubicles, to flexible work styles and spaces, where it’s not only acceptable to dance at work, it is positively encouraged.

Read Dance at Work on a Kindle, web browser, smartphone, computer or tablet through the free Kindle reading apps.