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Play to Learn

As children we learn to play, and play to learn. At some point growing up we forget to play or start seeing it was a waste of time. However playful exploration, repetition and fun are the best way to learn a new skill or practice an old one.


Plugging a bass guitar into Rocksmith and dialing up a Pixies track beats rigid classical music training if you only want to play for pleasure. I fiddled in orchestras throughout school, but nothing can match the feeling of rocking out on headphones.


The first time I’ve got into a habit of a daily language practice is with the Duolingo app. I try and feed the owl every day, with lessons that mix reading, writing and speaking practice. They’re a great length to fit into a short break at work and I have some of my Feedly news feed set to French sources.

Mind & Body

For mindfulness without the woos I’m taking a free course from Smiling Mind, or dialing up Buddhify guided meditations based on location.  The Yoga Studio app provides a wide range of time or focus based sessions from Sun Salutations to stretches for runners or cyclists.