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Research, Learn, Grow

‘Learning may be the source of the feeling we call fun’. Noah Falstein

Learning helps keeps your brain young, and it is never too late to learn a new skill. Smart people embrace lifelong learning and just-in-time knowledge.

Sites like the Khan Academy are revolutionising how education is delivered through online videos, and universities worldwide are launching Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs.

Study course materials from the most prestigious universities in the world such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard through edX, Open Courseware, Coursera and Udacity.

Get TEDucated by watching presentations from TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) events. Visit 99 University for inspiring videos on creative and business topics, and watch They Don’t Teach You This in School for short clips from successful people.

Excerpt from Chapter 7: Research, Learn, Grow

Image: Grow CC_BY Caleb Roenigk