Chapter 1: No More Jobs (Video)

In the second excerpt from my book Dance at Work at The Big Idea, I look at the rise in remote working and a future of ‘No More Jobs’. Read the first chapter for free at Amazon.

Do you want to be happier, healthier and help save the planet? Then get ready to work remotely from home or a cafe.

A survey commissioned by Virgin predicts that offices will not exist in 20 years. Entrepreneurs at the Global Leadership Summit believe that more than half of us will be working remotely by 2020, or within five years.

Remote working for even part of the week benefits people, the planet and profits. Business gets increased productivity, workers enjoy more time for life, and the reduction in pollution from commuting helps the environment.

A Future Work Skills 2020 report shows the abilities modern workers need are a design mindset, new media literacy, cross cultural awareness and virtual collaboration skills. Some business savvy is also key, as a great job offer is more and more likely to be as a freelance contractor than as a permanent employee.

In the US the average freelancer makes more than a normal worker, with 90% of freelancers reporting that they are happier than before. The highest demand is for designers, writers and content editors, making creative types perfectly placed to embrace freelancing and self employment.

Work is becoming what you do, rather than where you do it and the value you create, is far more important than the time it takes. If you think long–term and work in stages, then you can build a life to retire to, rather than from.

What can YOU do to get ready for the remote revolution?

In my next podcast I’ll look at Strategy, Identity & Action, the three key steps for success in Chapter 2 of Dance at Work: the creative business toolkit.