"The Thought Escapes Me" by Nathan Sawaya. Photo CC_By _Tony Fischer

Top Ten Tools

‘Daydreaming is what makes us organised’ Eric Klinger

Daydreaming switches on the parts of the brain we use for complex problem solving, instead of switching them off as most people assume. One of the wonderful things about your subconscious is that it continues to process problems or ideas while you are working on something else or even asleep.

If you have a problem to work through then go and do a simple task, or stare out of a window for a while. Having your head in the clouds is not a waste of time, it’s important for thinking. You may look pretty vacant, but you are harnessing the power of your Subconscious Superhero.

Excerpt from Chapter 3, Top Ten Tools

Image: “The Thought Escapes Me” by Nathan Sawaya. Photo CC_By _Tony Fischer